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Joe Flanagan


Joe got his start in sim racing with “NASCAR Racing by Papyrus” on the old “Hawaii” server (oddly located near Boston). From there he moved on to TEN (The Entertainment Network) where he was one of the top ranked drivers on the service. It was there he got the nickname “PeptoJoe”, named after a cocker spaniel puppy he once had that was full of pep and liked to nibble on toes. After TEN shut down, he was selected as a beta tester for iRacing (then called “FIRST”) and has been racing there ever since.
Over the decades Joe has raced many types of cars including full bodied, open wheel, and even dirt cars on all types of tracks. (virtually, of course!) He also had a short career racing in the real world in a dirt kart at Millbridge Speedway and Carolina 120 Speedway.
Joe currently lives with his wife of 12 years just south of Charlotte, NC. He’s a big NASCAR fan and camps in the infield for all the points races at Charlotte Motor Speedway. His other hobbies include flight sims, studying Irish history and language, and learning new musical instruments. He isn’t good at any of them, but he tries to play the guitar, mandolin, concertina, fiddle, banjo, and piano. Check out his YouTube channel if you’re bored and want to hear some bad music!